The darkroom is at the intersection of vertically oriented thought and horizontally oscillating motions.
• Look at the order of Valoir and its subsequent decay.
• Face the remnants of "events"on the surface of the film.
• Look at the decaying evidence of the room.
• Read the threshold that determines the border between existence and nonexistence.
No matter what is photographed, the resulting emergence of "a world" is the premise of what we desire.
Temporal gutter and misalignment are buried in the negative.
Afterwards, the "Time" is dug out from the negative.
It is an archeology of images in which images that were captured in the real space and time resurge after a long period of time.

from Salon de Vert Press "Succulents"

Read the negative, read the atmosphere.
Contorion is permissible, but total mediocrity will be passed unnoticed.
Images are unidetifiable with words.
Photography to me is a device to grope for words not found in dictionaries.
When images return to materials, the silently crumbling particles are what used to be called "The image."
Having finished their role, they are now falling down the surface of the film as fine white gulanular dust.
Where has that cathedral of imagery gone?

from Salon de Vert Press "Nothing Remains"