From [Production note]

Handmade Pinhole CameraFor my case, I use Polaroid company’s 4x5 inch Polaroid 55T negative film and
my handmade pinhole camera. I don’t put my film into the fixing fluid after I take
the film from the developing fluid, so the negative film functions as a receptor
because of the remains of the developing fluid and the changes in the
atmosphere. In my work shop, Komoro city( altitude 960m) the film doesn’t just
dry, the remains of the developing fluid freezes and make sharp cracks like knife
slashes. Also, in mid summer, the remains dries and piles up white powder.
The film itself tells its own condition like the remaining objects of a crime scene.

Within the time course of the negative film, the image of the object changes too. You can say its an event of an extremely unknown area. Right here, the evidence of the image “what is reflected in the film “ gets gently rare. The mapping from photography from nonstop noise occurrence causes “another nature made mapping” formation.

I think that behind all this system, the effects that exert the universe are inlaid. I remembered that I felt the old era mechanism that controls “movement” and “change” and I think that this is happening in the midst of the complex system. Or the entire being involves truism. Heraclitus called this {Panta rhei}.

Kodo Tanaka